Rachin is one of the most amazing internal regions of Lebanon. It is 9 km away from Tripoly and 200 m above the sea level. You can get to Rachin through many easy ways, either through (Tripoly- Zgortha main road- Rachin), or (Achach village – Rashiin), or (through the Danieh highway- Ardeh/Rmaily crossway- Rachin) and also from (Kaser Zgortha place- Rachin).

Rachin is known for its famous fountain that is closer to a river with the abundance and clarity of its water. It is the smallest river to spring and flow into the sea in the Lebanese coasts.

Rachin is also known for the good hospitality of its inhabitants and their generosity, the moderate climate it enjoys and the citrus and vegetables growing. It has become an address for the Lebanese tourism in nature.

Jisr Rachin Restaurant is considered among the best touristic restaurants in Lebanon, where we have an excellent service and the oriental food garnished with the fancy Lebanese maza.

It is a destination for every Lebanese from different regions and for tourists from Arabic countries and the four corners of the earth!

In addition to our specialties with Oriental and Lebanese food and the terrace that overlooks the river, with a place to hold 700 person approximately, we have built two closed halls that are totally equipped with total isolation systems for sounds and external temperature, and also a awesome stony stage and many service facilities, that are ready throughout the year, for your parties, weddings or any special occasions, no matter how many people you might invite!!

We also provide for a full package of the occasions requirements, of entertainers, wedding cakes, sound and light system, footage, and all kinds of food and beverages.

We organize singing and entertaining festivals, in addition to a weekly entertaining program on Saturdays and Sundays.

Our parking is set to receive a considerable number of cars and buses.

The administration organizes the occasions, supplies the food and beverage and makes the reservations upon an agreement with you.

The children’s playground:
you can enjoy your meal at Jisr Rachin Restaurant with no worries, for your children will be enjoying their own time in our safely equipped playground that is supervised by a children’s specialist.

The parking:
the parking lots at Jisr Rachin Restaurant can receive an enormous number of different vehicles of cars; travel buses, touristic groups and school buses, and all are welcomed to park!!