Where the river’s water is as crystal clear and we picked for you, only near the best place to be here.

Enjoy the sight, the fresh air and the spot good food, Lebanese maza, traditional kebbeh? Why not? Feel like home, the best hospitality is what we’ve got our halls welcome your special occasions summer or winter: it doesn’t matter what season our prices are as Lebanese as we are being in Rachin will only take you far.
We picked for you Rachin’s river to build this outstanding restaurant, a river that is historically known its beautiful close spot, where only magical sensations reveal themselves in nature, the relaxing serenity blended with the fresh water’s symphony, the crowded, evergreen proud trees of oak, poplar and plane….
In between all these, a bridge arises, as prominent as the important men of history who crossed it….
leaving for the generations to come a million and a million of magical stories… You are here….
At jisr Rachin Restaurant…
Where you are always welcomed.


Jisr Rachin Restaurant is considered among the best touristic restaurants in Lebanon, where we have an excellent service and the oriental food garnished with the fancy Lebanese maza.


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Rachiin - Zgharta - North Lebanon

for events and reservations call:
06 66 82 66

Mr. Sayed Finianos: 03 33 82 33